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8 Sep 2006
On Ocuk

The "New Horizons" mod for the 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean game by Akella is a continuation of the famous Build mod series. Developed as Pirates of the Caribbean Build 14, "New Horizons" will continue where Build 13 left off, adding more new content than ever before.





1. Feature List

- Character models reassigned by Estharos
- Realistic Weather Mod by Maturin and Hook
- Replaced icons, interface screens and generic loading screens by Pieter Boelen
- Updated and fixed Bartolomeu o Portugues Main Quest by Bartolomeu o Portugues
- Updated and fixed Legend of Jack Sparrow Main Quest by Short Jack Gold and Bartolomeu o Portugues
- Updated and fixed Legend of Hornblower Main Quest by Short Jack Gold
- Realistic period soldiers by Thomas the Terror
- Resized shark by Damski62
- Many new character models by Thomas the Terror, Damski62, SuperDurnius and Bartolomeu o Portugues
- Fixed location lighting by Thomas the Terror
- Many new ship models by ZarethPL, Yo Ho Ho, Seb, Bartolomeu o Portugues and Petros
- Bugged ship models fixed by ZarethPL
- Three new music tracks for Dutch town, English town and Sailing by Thomas the Terror, Short Jack Gold and a simple virtual sailor
- Improved interface item textures by SuperDurnius
- Improvements to location textures by Thomas the Terror
- Improved DirectSail mod by Hook
- Improved Auto Skill System by Hook
- Many, many fixes by Hook, a simple virtual sailor and Estharos
- Character expressions by a simple virtual sailor

Experimental Mods
- Alternate initItems weapon values by Ron Losey
- Block damage depends on difficulty level by Captain Dan Wolf
- BLOCKDAMAGE mod removed by Pieter Boelen
- Old soldier skins by Thomas the Terror for use as unique quest characters
- DirectSail relative bearing in points by Pieter Boelen


3. Full Version Installation Instructions
The Build 14 Alpha 9 installer file comes as a self-extracting EXE file to ensure an easy installation process.
Although the installer was made with 7-Zip, you do not need that program to install.
Also this update is readily compatible with Build 13 Final and has been confirmed to install correctly.

To install, please follow these instructions:
1 - Install Build 13 Final (if you haven't done so already)
2 - Remove the PROGRAM, RESOURCE\INI and RESOURCE\MODELS\Locations\decks folders
3 - Extract the Build 14 Alpha 9 Full file on top of your game
4 - Allow it to overwrite all files it wants to
5 - After completion, run RunMe.bat
6 - Start the game and reset the controls to default in the Options menu
7 - Tweak the controls and the game's settings to your liking in the Options menu
8 - Start a new game, select a storyline and ENJOY!

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