PKR Poker

11 May 2007
I've played on here a fair bit in the past. Played in the student poker tour, was a freeroll each tuesday for about $500. Only about 100 people were playing in the first few weeks, then about 250 towards the end.

I've come 2nd in a freeroll too, was quite hard cus it was full. The winnings were something like $8. I spent it on the next tourney ($2 dollar Multi table) and came first, won myself about $80.

I spunked it all though, then asked them to ban me from play cus I was gnna start to deposit. I can still play free money / freerolls, but doesn't have the same kick.~

(I have a bad history with online poker, was pretty much hooked at 17 - blew most of my xmas money on UltimateBet).
4 Aug 2004
Grenoble, France
Fantastic poker software, unfortunately since a laptop upgrade I can't play (mac version being developed). PKR student poker came to my Uni to host a free tournament. I made it to the final table and got bored so went all in with pocket JJ's. my hand of JJJKK lost to a hand of KKKJJ :( I came 8th and won $20 payed into my pkr account, which i hastly lost after again getting bored on a no-limit table. I really should play pot-limit tables :rolleyes: