Please advise on my spec mkII

21 Jan 2007

Thought I had everything and then realised that I am missing the damned processor.

I was thinking about getting the E6400, as I have read that the extra cache in the E6600 will really only be noticeable in encoding heavy applications - I don't think I will do enough of that to warrant the costs involved, unless I am mistaken and there is more to it than that?

Motherboard... Damn, motherboards are a pain in the ass. I have read glowing reports for the AW9D-max from every corner of the net, and yet the slot layout is supposedly borked and doesn't let me overclock too well compared to some other boards. I want it to support Quad core in future and be able to overclock fairly well [to make up for the E6400] and at the same time be fairly forgiving on set up.

RAM again, what a mine field, but it was an ok price and is 800mhz but again, I do not know the ins and outs of matching RAM to processors//motherboards for peak performance and any help would be great.

The case is not cheap, especially after adding the fans and sound dampening material but these forums are suggesting that it is a good build quality and has plenty of room for the new 8800 cards which I will keep in mind for when I jump to DX10 later in the year. 100 odd quid now is a lot better than realising my new card won't fit in a cheaper [or indeed more expensive] case later on.

Anyways, enough dribble from me, go ahead and shoot! :D
26 Sep 2006
West Bridgford
DVD - Good
Mobo - Asus P5N, P5B or GB DS3/4
CPU - 6300 or 4300 - don't need any more. Get a tuniq or ninja to cool it.
HD - Good
GPU - x1950 Pro, or wait for the cheaper DX10 8 series cards coming out next week. Or get an 8800 GTS with all the money you saved on CPU and Mobo :D
RAM - get the cheapest PC6400
Case - Nice... ;)
PSU - Very nice...
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