Police. Can I kick them out my owned home?

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13 Oct 2006
Because it was said... After.... Their.... Comment....

It must be a really sad life to live, to come into a thread, call someone a tit, and then moan about belittling someone that deserved it.

You're such a ding dong. a sad ding dong. A sad ding dong that can't read very well. A sad ding dong that can't read very well that takes offense at others signatures but can't admit it.

You really have no idea why I was posting... a little self-awareness wouldn't go amiss.

Amusing the way you spat your dummy out though precisely illustrating the point I was making.

EDIT: Also amusing the way you flail around trying to find something to grasp on to attack the person you are responding to - pretty much my only comment on Kamala Harris:


Rroff said:
Yeah - even the Pence vs Harris debate was on a completely different level to this and regardless of how suited or not they are both came across far more as presidential material than these two.

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12 Feb 2006
I've read the first page. And the last page.

Mind blown.
This is GD. You must be new if this isn't what you expect of GD. I learnt it a long time ago. You'll get some useful replies, then 95 percent of the rest will be "give me more information that I don't need so that I can not answer as I don't know the answer any way, and then I will pass judgement".