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Police InfoSec - Epic Fail

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mysticsniper, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Minusorange


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    The only thing it's missing is a Bitcoin wallet to fund the childs organised crime :D
  2. mmj_uk


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    I remember watching a video of someone who lived behind the iron curtain and they explained that living there everyone was made to be suspicious of everyone else and to report anything unusual to the authorities, so people were so **** scared of being reported that they didn't ever dare step out of line. We seem to be approaching something similar where anything that protects a persons personal privacy from said authorities is seen as suspicion of wrongdoing, this coming from the authorities who passed a law to have access to all its citizens browsing habits.

    On top of policing one another there is the "chilling effect" that the court case talked about a few days ago where people are so scared of the repercussions that they police themselves. It's no wonder as a society we are giving China with their digital dystopian social credit system and facial recognition technology access to all of our nations networked cameras etc.
  3. mysticsniper


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    You are forgetting Tails OS and IRC ;)
  4. Rainmaker


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    So it does. Sorry. This is what happens when it's Sunday and you haven't had a second's sleep since Friday. :o
  5. Em3bbs


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    Haha, busy raving and buying disco biscuits from the dark web using Tor after a Discord conversation? :D

    To be fair, it's hard to tell what is or isn't real these days.
  6. Eurofighter

    Wise Guy

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    Well you cant buy disco biscuits from aldi any more.
  7. Rofflay


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    Now imagine walking into a USSR era shop to see one carrot on the shelf and a few tinned items and every other shelf empty it is god damm scary when i see footage. Did you ever see the kursk disaster press thing? :D

    A woman who must of lost a husband or son jumped out of her seat and started to scream and sort of insult the authorities and within about 5 seconds of this there was a stocky nurse on standby who had already injected her in the neck and a few seconds later they took her away... To the Gulag? Nah but still wtf imagine having a nurse with sedation ready at a press conference to silence people. :(