Ponds - a leak...

13 Jan 2003
We've inherited a pond as part of the house. The chap before has built this - and it's next to the conservatory..

It's been find, fish happy. However a about few months ago the pump packed up and a few weeks ago I changed the pump. The water is crystal clear and the algae that developed is back to being controlled.

Now to the problem - with the old pump, and during the period of no pump the water level was constantly high as we had lots of rain. With the new pump in place it seems the water level is dropping. QED we have a leak. Where is the question.. I have a feeling that pulling up the old pump may have pierced the lining of the main section.

The pond has a main section that pumps through a UV filter that exhausts into a upper section with reeds in. The water then drops in a water fall into the main section.

My first thought is to switch off the pump - see if the main section drops further.. if not then it's the upper section that's a problem.

I've kept tropical/cold water aquarium fish as a kid but not a pond.

Any suggestions from pond owners about tracing or suggestions for replacing liners etc?