Portable USB-C monitor gaming - is it possible?

18 Oct 2002
Stone, Staffordshire
I'm looking to embed a couple of PC's into our dining table for home schooling and light gaming (minecraft/rocket league etc.)

The table we have currently is extendable so I'm looking to remove the extension pieces that live in there currently, we never extend the table, and add a couple of PC's that I'll strip out of the cases and custom mount under the table.

I'll be using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse so it's now a question about monitors. Can I use a couple of USB-C monitors like the Asus MB16AC, one for each PC or both on one pc for a dual monitor setup? The idea about ising the USB C is they can be folded flat and also stored in the bowels of the table and I would have a single cable to provide power and video.

How do USB-C monitors work with regards to GPU requirements for something like Minecraft Dungeons?
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