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Potentially kicking off in Russia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nutsnut, 23 Jun 2021.

  1. alchal

    Wise Guy

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    I just can't imagine anyone crazy enough, and Putin wants a life of luxury, nuclear Armageddon kind of ruins that plan, ditto the other dictators.

    They admire the ability of our land forces to deploy in a speedy fashion, however we couldn't even give them a nose bleed if it came to it on the ground unfortunately.

    Air wise we are more than a match for them, naval wise we have great ships but far far too few.
  2. dowie

    Capo Crimine

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    Have you seen their aircraft carrier, it need it's own tugboat.

    Royal Marines would run rings around them in the likes of Norway, they'd get a very bloody nose on the ground there - though they'd also have Sweden, Finland and Norway to deal with too and the'yve already had a bloody nose last time they tried something silly like that - lookup the winter war if you're unfamiliar.

    We're not talking about the USSR anymore, lots of their kit is ancient, they might be able to push into the continent with armour but I doubt they'd be able to get the logistics sorted.

    And yup, nuclear armageddon does ruin Putin's day too - ergo the original point, I can think of plenty of reasons why they'd not want to risk actually attacking a UK destroyer!
  3. VincentHanna


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    I'm always glad when dictators with nuclear weapons have children.

    At least they are less likely to get to the end of their natural lives and take the World with them.
  4. Blackjack Davy


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    If they did impinge on crimea's territorial waters its a gesture the same as last year or before Putin sent his ancient and belching smoke aircraft channel through the Channel just to make a point
  5. Tuppy_Glossop


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    Russia has previously disclosed a nuclear policy of 'Escalate to De-Escalate'. In that context it referred to tactical nuclear weapons localised to the field of war, rather than the 'Heavy KW warhead pointed at every enemy city' approach.

    Edit: obvs you don't point bombs in that sense, lol soz lol
  6. Jokester


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    This is clearly a two fingers up from us to Russia.
  7. robfosters


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    Did they plan to pollute us to death?

    And why did there just happen to be a BBC reporting crew on the ship?
  8. Nasher


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    That's a dumb policy then because other nuclear powers do NOT have a policy like that.

    But no footage of them actually doing anything.

    If they need 20 jets and a bunch of ships to follow a single destroyer, they must be pretty worried about it. When they sail past the UK we send single coastal patrol boat, incase they break down/sink and need rescuing.
    Last edited: 23 Jun 2021
  9. bingham67


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    Cool that on the BBC news just now had it all recorded what happened earlier
  10. wildman


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    tomorrow never dies, reporting tomorrows news today.
  11. Jokester


    Joined: 7 Aug 2003

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    That film has aged horribly badly :cry:
  12. jpaul


    Joined: 1 Mar 2010

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    yes the bbc journalist was definitely revelling in the bryan hanrahann embed opportunity -
    previous uk russian ambasssador was interviewed on r4pm and just categorised it an unecessary provocation when better forms of diplomacy might help Ukraine ... russia,or accelerating demise of Putin.
    similar traite on UK provoking europe on the NI protocol. ... beginning to see the pattern.
  13. Tuppy_Glossop


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    Unlike Halle Berry
  14. Noxia


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    I'll suggest at work that instead of the normal recruitment process, we just direct attention here with the strategic masterminds and seemingly 'in the know' people already in place.
    Whilst the Russian stuff is all old trope is true in part, there is a lot more to it than people who play world of warplanes realise.
  15. Roar87


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    If you don't have control of the air then you may as well not have tanks on the ground https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway_of_Death
  16. Rroff

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    As much as anything a chance to get some training in, familiarise their crews with our boats and procedures, etc. it happens not completely irregularly but doesn't tend to make the news to this extent so often.

    If they were going to attack it they'd have approached it very differently anyhow utilising over the horizon options and ships with anti-ship capabilities, etc. - trying to swarm a Type 45 with a dozen or two dozen jets is only going to end one way.
  17. djshauny1


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    I laughed bigtime at that :D
  18. NickK


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    Incidentially I suspect this is related.

    By agreed convention there’s a tonnage of warships allowed, Russia typically sits a war ship to monopolise the allowance.
    It also explains why the Russian interest both around Istanbul but also on the Syrian boarder.
  19. Feek


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    Without having caught up with the news or read all the way through the thread, is it time to chose tank or submarine yet?
  20. Maccapacca


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    I have room in my sub for more sea men, you’re welcome I’ll need a radio operator and cabin boy.