**Premier League Last Man Standing (Edition XVI, Round 3)**

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1 Nov 2006
We continue with (err) yesterday's fixtures. :p

Round 3

Aston Villa v Stoke
Blackburn v Liverpool
Everton v Sunderland
Fulham v Chelsea
Man City v West Brom
Newcastle v Bolton
QPR v Swansea
Tottenham v Norwich
Wigan v Man Utd
Wolves v Arsenal

Players Remaining (16)

6thElementNewcastle, Man United
A2ZFulham, Arsenal
AGDMan United, Chelsea
cheets64Wigan, Man United
decmattBolton, Stoke
ElixirFulham, Arsenal
Liquid_EntityChelsea, Man United
logix42pMan United, Chelsea
LonewolfEverton, Chelsea
No1newtsFulham, Arsenal
ShamikebabChelsea, Man United
SideWinderEverton, Chelsea
SlipperyNinjaMan United, Newcastle
sunny007Chelsea, Man United
SychoEverton, Man United
The PatTottenham, Chelsea
Hall of Fame

Previous Winners
Edition I - Egon
Edition II - Tom84
Edition III - jakeke
Edition IV - foz2000
Edition V - cheets64
Edition VI - Nursie
Edition VII - Nossmayo
Edition VIII - Nossmayo
Edition IX - Lonewolf
Edition X - Sycho
Edition XI - Artheas
Edition XII - Elixir
Edition XIII - BaZ87
Edition XIV - simulatorman
Edition XV - Cocky-Roach
Edition XVI - *in running*

Longest Winning Streak
jakeke (15)
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1 Nov 2006
Round 3 Selections

Arsenal - 6thElement, AGD, Shamikebab*, sunny007*
Aston Villa - Sycho, A2Z*
Blackburn Rovers -
Bolton Wanderers -
Chelsea - SlipperyNinja
Everton -
Fulham -
Liverpool -
Man City - cheets64
Man United -
Newcastle United - Lonewolf, logix42p, decmatt, No1newts
Norwich -
QPR - The Pat
Stoke City -
Sunderland -
Swansea -
Tottenham - SideWinder, Liquid_Entity, Elixir
West Bromwich Albion -
Wigan Athletic -
Wolves -

*Auto Selection

Good luck. :)
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1 Nov 2006
Right, I think i've just doubled my post count on this forum. :D

Everything should be up to date now. :)
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