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9 Nov 2003
*** *** "Primo Banisher" Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.60GHz DDR2 System @ £259.99 inc VAT *** ***


Windows 7 Upgrade Voucher included with Windows Vista Home Premium, Business & Ultimate install options.

The perfect combination of quality components and excellent specification make the Primo Banisher a powerful yet excellent value system. The Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 CPU running at 2.66GHz offers two cores enabling seamless multitasking when even the most demanding of applications are running. The 500GB Seagate hard drive offers whisper quiet computing, massive storage capacity for all your documents and with the LG DVD Re-Writer drive the perfect way to backup your data.

Key Features

:- Amazing value with performance to rival systems costing several times more.
:- Energy saving components keeping running costs down.
:- Only the highest quality components ensuring the highest levels of reliability.
:- Windows 7 Upgrade Voucher included with Windows Vista Home Premium, Business & Ultimate install options.

Key Components

:- Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.66GHz Processor
:- Corsair XMS2 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 PC2-6400C5 TwinX Dual Channel
:- 500GB Seagate 7200RPM Hard Drive
:- LG GH22NS30 22x DVD±RW SATA Dual Layer ReWriter

Note - Specification not exactly what you are after? Drop our friendly Sales Team a call on 0871 910 9101, they will be more than happy to help you make your perfect system.

Note - All systems are built and installed on demand and usually ship within 48 hours of the order being placed. During exceptionally busy periods this time can increase by 48 hours. The system can be supplied assembled with or without your choice of installed operating system but is supplied without keyboard, mouse, speakers or monitor (all of which are available elsewhere in this on-line store).

Note - For details on how to order Windows 7, please consult the offer materials that come with your purchase. The Windows 7 Upgrade Option programme runs from June 26th 2009 through January 31st 2010. Product shipment times will vary by offer and location, but the earliest you could expect to receive Windows 7 would be after October 22nd, when it becomes generally available. The Windows 7 Upgrade Option Programme requires a clean installation of the Windows 7 upgrade media. All personal data and settings, including documents, pictures, files, programs, music and video, should be backed-up prior to performing the clean installation of Windows 7. After installation of Windows 7, the end user should then re-install all personal data and settings. Visit http://windows.microsoft.com/upgrade-windows-E for important information.

Only £259.99 inc VAT.

30 Oct 2009
Banisher Drivers

I bought one of these and was wondering if anyone can advise where i can get the most up to date drivers for this? I installed windows 7 on it myself and has got the drivers it found however the graphics are not the best and was wanting to install the recommended ones.
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