"Primo Oren" AMD Athlon II X2 Dual Core 245 2.90GHz DDR2 System

5 Sep 2007
Overclockers Pre Built System Turning Off Randomly

Hi Guys
My employer just bought this computer from overclockers and i set it up for them,well tried to set it up for them.
Got it this morning went into work on my day off to set it up,but it is randomly,even before i got to install the operating system it was just switching off,just like the power cord being pulled out.
Sometimes it lasts for a few minutes or an hour or so then the power dies.
Im an experienced pc builder myself and i did not have time to open the case and check inside but im leaning on a faulty psu or a faulty on/off button either way i gonna have to send this rig back if i cant fix the problem.
Im gonna look kinda silly with my bosses,especially as i told them overclockers were fantastic(which they are).
Cant believe a new rig has gone belly up straight out the box.
What you guys think??
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7 Oct 2008
I'd check everything is plugged in firmly and if it still switches off randomly send it back. something could have moved during delivery, or you just got unlucky and something is DOA.
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