Probably the wrong forum but, Converting VHS to Digital format for PC.

8 Sep 2005
Norrbotten, Sweden.
I see there are simple USB cable kits you can buy online but is there anything to look out for or pay extra for or is a cheap £30 quid kinda price kit good enough?
20 Apr 2009
I used to work digitising tape footage for the BBC back in the day, and have dealt with my family’s (extensive) home VHS collection.

I ended up going the VHS to DVD route, simply for ease. I picked up a VHS / DVD all-in-one deck, which could do the dub internally. That was for ease of use more than anything - no different than hooking a VHS deck up to a DVD recorder via SCART and hitting play / record.

Once on DVD, MPEG Streamclip can easily rip it back to their individual files, or something like DVD Fab can do you an easy .mp4.

I obviously had all options and kit available to me, so could easily have gone from a VHS deck straight to the computer, but still preferred the DVD route.

If you don’t have many to do, I’d follow Begbie’s recommendation of having that step done for you, and taking it from there. It’ll save you a headache, for sure.

I’d also outright ignore any options that involve USB - no USB was always a hard and fast rule.
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