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Problem and maybe sollution.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by reflex, 10 May 2006.

  1. reflex

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    Hey guys.

    Im currently running a 2.5ghz P4 with 512mb RAM and a 6600GT. However iv been on this same system about 4 years (Apart from the gfx card) Im having a problem which is - When i switch the power on and switch my pc on it takes a few restarts before my monitor comes on (I hear some beeping aswell). Now im an excessive gamer and the strain on my graphics card is probably huge so im pretty sure its where iv damaged my graphics card. Another reason it maybe is the signal between monitor and graphics card but im not sure why its changed. So i was wondering is there anybody who has had this problem and could help me out?

    If not im looking into upgrading this PC as its kind of old and still has a packard bell motherboard/ram inside it! But im not really confident about computers, iv replaced gfx card and PSU but i have never made a full computer inserting RAM/CPU/Cpu cooler etc. So i was wondering how easy is it? Do parts come with instructions and could i easily break something and lose 500quid :p

    Sorry for nattering on in paragraphs

    Help apprechiated :D
  2. daven1986


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    it is pretty hard to break stuff if you take the correct precautions (use anti-static wrist band, don't drop stuff etc.!!) it is also easy to follow the instructions as they are usually self explanatory.

    could be the mobo going too.