PS3/PC gamer? But you prefer the Xbox controller!

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8 Sep 2003
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PS3 gamers who prefer the Xbox controller are now extremely happy due to the new release of the Speedlink XeoX game controller which is based on the Xbox pad design!

Stock arrives next Friday! Price will go up to £29.99 once stock lands, so pre-order to obtain this amazing price.

This product it brings the Xbox shaped controller for the PS3 users. This will stop all arguments between you and your friends as no one can blame the controller anymore, where as before Xbox users playing around their friend’s house on a PS3 will now be able to use their preferred controller shape with no excuses!

Play for hours in comfort on the PS3 with this Xbox shaped control

SPEEDLINK Xeox Pro Analog Wireless Gamepad for PC/PS3 @ £26.99 inc VAT


Finally, PS3 gamers can also enjoy a perfectly positioned analogue stick. The XEOX Professional Wireless Gamepad for the PS3 and PC brings the ergonomically positioned left stick to the PlayStation world for the first time - for professional analogue gaming. On top of that, the integrated Li-polymer battery combined with robust 2.4GHz wireless technology offer you maximum freedom from the console while the turbo function for controlled rapid firing gives you a tactical advantage.

- Wireless gamepad for the PS3 and PC
- Robust 2.4GHz wireless technology for a range of up to 10m
- Ergonomically and perfectly positioned left stick for professional analogue gaming
- Digital D-pad, four triggers plus seven front buttons
- Switchable rapid-fire function
- Intensive vibration effects for a realistic gaming experience
- Integrated 550mAh Li-polymer battery offers up to 10hrs of gaming (charging time approx. 2-3 hrs)
- LED indicator ring
- USB receiver - just Plug & Play
- Rubberised coating for secure non-slip grip

Only £26.99 inc VAT.

7 Jun 2010
YES! that actually looks alright, been thinking about going wireless for a while, but the wireless Razer one was too expensive :(
27 Jul 2009
Brilliant idea

I always play ps3 round my mates but am a xbox fan so this product will be perfect for me to be comfertable on a console im not used too! Cant believe this product only just been released, good price from OCUK again aswell
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