PSU Failure??

28 Dec 2017
I had my OCZ PSU 50 GOLD 1000w for about 8 years now! It on most evening and weekend!! I last play on Thursday and shut down ok! PC was fine no issues!
Today I went to switch on and nothing! The fan on the PSU won't spin, nothing at all!
Check fuse all good! Tried another cable and still nothing.
How can I check my PSU is dead? It strange I shut down and all ok then all the sudden no longer work! What the chances of it fried or damage my other parts?
Also what PSU can you recommend? Would like a.modular. running 1 x 980TI and about to upgrade motherboard bundle to 8000 series Intel bundle. Thanks lads
6 Jun 2008
5V standby might have died or gone out of spec. (or one of main rails)
OCZ had very little PSUs with quality capacitors so wouldn't be wonder.

Also it's motherboard which gives PSU signal to start when you push power button, so it's possible reason is in motherboard.
Though that also relies on correct and stable 5V standby from PSU.
Whose testing needs preferably oscilloscope besides just multimeter.
And power switch of case having broken would be another possible cause...
Easy to test to by swapping its wire position with reset button and trying with that.
(what are other parts of the PC?)

But with OCZ's track record in component quality and its age would consider it as likely reason.

650W is enough for that level graphics cards unless you're into heavier overclocking.
Seasonic Focus Plus is where price meets performance/quality.
Antec High Current Gamer is same PSU with different look.
750W would be enough for heavily overclocked single card PCs and dual lower high end card configurations.
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