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11 Dec 2012
Bangor - Northern Ireland
Im looking at changing my Superflow PSU to a Seasonic

The reason being due to Superflow using their own non-standard patented connector types. I'm wanting to get a custom set of cables made so Superflower requires doner cables and they are timeconsuming for the person making them

i was thinking about future proofing as eventually in the next few years i want to go to 4K 144Hz gaming so i was thinking 850w. Some PSU calculators show 1000w for the likes of 5950x and 6900xt / 6 case fans / wc loop items like pump.

Im guessing as generations go on in the components the efficiency will also increase so theoretically 850w should be surface

The ones im considering are the following

Seasonic FOCUS GX 1000 Watt Full Modular 80+ Gold PSU/Power Supply - £160 aprox

Seasonic Focus PX 850 850W Modular 80+ Platinum PSU/Power Supply - £145 aprox

850W Seasonic Focus GX 850 80PLUS Gold, Single Rail, Fully Modular, 70A, 120mm Fan, ATX PSU - £125 aprox

With the 10year warranty i dont mind spending a decent bit of money as i intend to keep it.

I will be getting the 5600x soon and also looking to get a 6700xt once released - would the other option be just get a nice 600-650w unit and then rebuy a psu down the line incase there is a major improvement when i go to upgrade the other in future.

Some advise would be greatly appreciated
18 Nov 2007
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I'd buy based on how long you have the PC on for each day. 24/7 would have to be the platinum, otherwise buy the gold. I'd go for the 1000w if you think thats what you need and you can afford it. You can never have enough POWAH! :p ;)
29 May 2005
Where are you getting PX-850 for that price? I would go with that one.

Why do you need the 6900XT and 5950X -4K is GPU bound. Anyway if you run those parts within their power budget you will still be fine at 850w. Platinum will give better longevity.

4K 144hz gaming would probably be more attainable with the next gen GPU. Ie next gen will be even more power efficient so the likes of 3080 or 6800XT or even 6800 can run 4K 144Hz @ around 250w which means you don’t really need 1000watts
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