Pulse L120F Aerocool RBG 2 cables i've no clue about

8 Dec 2020
Hi Folks,

I need some help, I recently purchased the Pulse L120F Aerocool RBG fan for my Asus Prime b360m-k motherboard. I also bought Corsair commander Pro to help with plugging any additional fans I have to my machine however, with my Pulse L120F I have two cables spare that I can't find a plug in anywhere for them and was wondering would purchasing Corsair RGB Fan Hub Controller help resolve that it isn't lighting up? I've got two LL120 RGB Fans to connect as well and understand I will need the RGB fan hub to connect these. I've attached a photo of the two cables but I am wondering is there an answer of how I can connect these 2 wires to something to have it lighting up?


Thank you
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That cable is needed if you want a compatible motherboard to handle the lighting via software - I don't think yours does, but if it did, you'd use this cable instead of the one with a SATA power cable and connect both ends directly to the mobo and use the Aura Sync software to control the RGB lighting side of things.

I don't think the Corsair hub will run the lighting on these, but I may be wrong.
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