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PX80B alternatives...

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Youstolemyname, 28 Dec 2008.

  1. Youstolemyname


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    Well, I can pick one of these babies up for Circa £500 with a 5 year guarantee (£550 or £499 if I can get someone to pricematch ;) )

    However, I am just concerned about things like image retention and the lack of 1080p...Now I know there is a huge debate over whether there are discernable differences between 1080p and 720p but it kinda bugs me that spending all that money doesn't give the most futureproof set.

    Are there any better alternatives for someone who will mostly use the set for SD viewing, some blu-ray and some PS3 gaming?

    I really like the looks of the Sony W4000 series but it is a lot more expensive.

    Cheers for the info!
  2. Rick_Barnes


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    I got the 82, which is the 1080p version (42") and realised what a waste it was when all the HD content I use is 720p anyway. Sky and V+ are both 720p and the Xbox 360 does everything at 720p apparently then upscales it before output.

    Only Blueray and *some* PS3 games will put you in a situation that you can notice the difference.
  3. -Ad-


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    If you want futureproof then don't buy a tv at all. Everything will get out of date eventually. Actually most LCDs are out of date anyway if you look at the PX80 this way as they have the old CCFL backlights rather than the new LED :p

    If you are sitting a fair way from the set then 1080p doesn't matter, not a debate at all, just what we know about how good the human eyes. Many people say they see differences, but they have never compared 2 identical sets side by side, with the only difference being the resolution, thus there testing and comments are highly flawed.

    Just go for the set with the best picture, and the Px80 has a better picture than the W4000. The px80 will have its own little niggles, but for £500 there is absolutely nothing that can get close, other than the PZ range which cost at least £200+ more.