Questions about diet...

12 Jun 2004
I've decided i'm going to join the gym/sort out my diet in the near future and i just wanted to ask a few questions. I know the basics after reading gordy's thread but i was wondering where oven cooked food comes into the equation...things like oven cooked chips, fish fingers, cod in batter, pizzas and so on. Obviously moderation is key or are we talking avoid the above completely? :o

Just looking for a bit of direction. My first thought was perhaps pizza once every 2 weeks as a treat or something. :p But as for fish in batter and so on...?
Man of Honour
5 Jun 2003
Honestly? Avoid cheap rubbish food like that totally and ainimise alcohol consumption.

In practice though, having a cheat meal from time to time is fine - it depends on how rigid and how good your diet is in between times. Remember diet is not a short term thing, diet = lifestyle so something you stick to longterm.

Also you have to enjoy your life and enjoy yourself, so if that means having a cheat meal (which you should let yourself have). Remember it's a lot to do with your state of mind - if you're unhappy you're metabolism and body will be affected as well.

Personally, good food makes me actually feel better, ergo happier. A Quick sugar rush or fat/greasy rush doesn't really come across as enjoyable for me anymore.
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