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31 Oct 2007
Gods County(Allegedly)
Have just completed the build of my first cpu & gpu loop. Am giving it a 6/8hrs leak run at the moment so fingers crossed :)

When I bought the ingredients I assumed that I would need :-

Distilled water
Colour of choice
and a Silver coil

I bought :

Mayhems Ultra Pure H20
Mayhems X1 - UV Blue Concentrate
Mayhems Silver coil

Mixed and filled (very pretty blue :D)

Was intending to add the coil but was not sure if I need it (given the Mayhems fluids) or if appropriate ....

I have a Xspc Raystowm cpu block (metal - copper) and an Aqua Computer Gpu block (metals - copper with a stainless steel top.)

Question - should I use the Silver coil and /or should I add some biocide?

Thoughts appreciated :)
16 Jun 2013
I'd add some biocide.

From what I've read from another poster here the silver coils work by corroding into the water preventing bacterial growth. Now the uv blue has anti-corrosion built into it, so the silver coil probably wont be as effective as biocide.

Edit: Just read x1 has biocide in it. No need to add either.

2nd edit: been beaten to it by andybird123. Sorry.
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5 Nov 2006
Probably cost to post it what it cost to buy :p

Ah well - will probably hang it from the base of my monitor although better half did think that it might make a nice ring (just a bit worried as to the precedent being set :eek:)

Aww go on - you know you want to :D
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