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Quick Release Clip Camera Holster DSLR Clip Holder

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by Tysonator, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Tysonator

    Wise Guy

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    I am not sure which item to purchase regarding a Quick Clip camera holster for DSLR to attach to a rucksack strap.

    I am looking at either Andoer version

    or the Peak Design model

    Now there is a big price difference and I am not sure if the more polished finish of the Peak Design is an extra £50 odd ! ! !

    Has any one used or owned the Andoer model / version and is it worth buying over of the Peak Design model ?

    many thanks

  2. bsoltan


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    I own the previous Peak Design version of this and it is fantastic for attaching the camera to your belt or bag. I've had 100% confidence in it staying attached and keeping the camera secure.

    I have only used it to hold an Olympus EPL-5 but it is rated for much heavier loads.

    The Andoer version is only rated for 20kg but also states in the description "Metal constructed, maximum load 20kg, but please kindly double check the clip quality to ensure camera safety at first us". This doesn't fill me with confidence when I need to hang something worth hundreds-thousands on it.

    Personally I'd rather support the company that created this design, even if it costs much more. It gives me more confidence in the product's quality and design and therefore overall reliability and useability. It is so useful from travelling in a city to hiking up a mountain that I'd buy one instantly if I ever was without it.

    That being said, the Andoer version is almost cheap enough to give it a go and see what the quality is like. Maybe it will be sufficient depending on the amount of use and the stress it will get.
  3. Minusorange


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    Get the Andoer, see how well it's built if you don't like the quality you can always return it


    Your equipment is going to be screwed if either fails anyway