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Quote for wiring a steel garage

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by sovietspybob, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. sovietspybob

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    Hi guys, i've had a new steel garage built and have been struggling to get any local sparkies to actually quote on getting it wired up. I've finally had one thought but wanted to see if you thought it was reasonable?

    It's a 6x7m steel building about 20m from the house, there is a 30mm duct already in place to pull the cable though.

    I've asked for 6x double sockets, 5x led/florescent battens, 1x 16a commando socket for a future car lift, space in the new CU in the garage for an electric car charger in the future (so capacity for an extra 32a circuit)

    The guy who's quoted has said the whole building will need bonding (something which non of the others who i've spoken too have said) and a new earthing system will be needed. His price was just under £1900 which is about £1100 in parts and £800 labour.

    Does this sound about right?
  2. robj20


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    Sounds expensive to me. But I would do it myself.
  3. Syla5


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    I had my main house CU replaced, an armoured cable routed between walls, through a loft, and then outside underground to my garage, a garage CU, a lighting circuit, and a socket circuit put in place all for £700. Fully certificated.

    The armoured cable run from my main CU to my garage was around 15m.
  4. Gaijin


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    I'm not a sparky (moreso a well-read DIY'er) but i've priced up on TLC what I have in my garage (which is a similar size) and it comes to about £750 inc vat just for parts (excluding a fair amount of sundries/accessories). Includes Garage CU, SWA cable and glands, metal clad sockets, LED battens, etc. I would advise metal clad sockets as my plastic ones (put in by previous owner) are battered from moving equipment/mowers/cars etc.

    This sounds correct to me - it's classified as extraneous metal parts and the whole structure could become live in the event of a fault.

    Part P applies here so i'd strongly recommend getting a sparks in and not doing it yourself.

    Part 2 - https://imgur.com/K8CbI7j.jpg