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Radeon 1900XT to BFG 8800 GTS

24 Jul 2004
Devon, UK
The 640MB one?

Somewhere around 60-70% increase in speed.

It's a worthwhile upgrade! :)

The big question is though, are you unhappy with your current performance? Because the X1900XT is no slouch either.
10 Dec 2003
I have also been looking into switching from my current X1900 XT 512MB to the 8800 GTS 640MB, Im just unsure what to do as I use a dell 2405 which runs a native resolution of 1920x1200 and i'm just not sure that the GTS will be future proof enough (with the exception of DX10) to drive the new DX10 games at this resolution (the likes of crysis, alan wake, ut2007 etc.)

I know I am just getting impatient at AMD/ATI for the forthcoming R600XT/XTX. I feel (imo!) that the XT will prove to be quicker than the current 640MB 8800 GTS (although the XT will only have a 512MB framebuffer from what I read, so it's going to be interesting at high resolutions comparing them) and if it is then I will stay with ATI.

I would, of course, love to bag the XT-X but fear budget and case size might be limiting factors.

It's so soo tempting to switch to NVidia at this time, I really feel that ATI/AMD have been stomped on in this chapter of the GPU wars.

Generally though from the majority of benchmarks I have seen the X1950 (similar to the X1900 in performance, not much in it) is very close to being on par with the GTS at 1920x1200 resolution, it's only in certain games which make heavier use of vertex shading, such as Oblivion, that we see the GTS making enough of a lead to warrant the upgrade.

If you look at FEAR benchies against the two cards then the performance difference is negligible if any at all.

Of course the biggest test is DirectX10 games, then the X1900's will score a big fat 0 FPS :)
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4 Jan 2005
I've done something very similair too - I currently have a X1950XT in my system, but ordered the BFG 8800GTS 320mb this morning :)
7 Jul 2005
i went from the x1900xt 512 mb to the bfg 640mb gts and it was a serious upgrade for me, allthough people were saying theie x1900xt was performing a lot better than the one i had
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