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Radeon 7850 vs GTX 970 for light CAD

3 Jan 2018
A work colleague has just pressed fire on a new Ryzen build for programming and needs a GPU. He also does light CAD work with his 3D printer - nothing on a professional level.

I've got two GPUs sitting around - a Radeon 7850 and a GTX 970. Would there be a substantial difference in CAD performance between the 7850 and the 970? This is just a stopgap GPU for now until the GPU world gets a bit back to normal. He's currently using Intel UHD graphics so anything is a bonus really.

I'm mostly asking from a moral standpoint - do I send up the 7850 for £20 + shipping or something, or take the extra step to £60 + shipping or so for the 970? Is he really going to notice that extra 40 quid spend...?
22 Jun 2006
From what you described I don't think the 970 would be any benefit, especially if he's been content with the Intel IGP.
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