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RAM wont run at ~190MHz overclocked

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Artheas, 30 May 2006.

  1. Artheas

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    I've got an Opteron 165, 2GB OCZ Platinum PC3200, A8N-SLI SE, 600W Enermax Noisetaker.

    I had the HTT at 280MHz, bus freq multiplier at 9x, HTT multiplier at 3x, 1.35V, RAM running with a 2/3 divider, all was fine.

    But when i increased the HTT to 283MHz, the machine wouldnt boot properly at times. I knew that my CPU could handle 283MHz, so i tried changing the mem divider to 1/2, and it ran fine!

    Now my memory can run at 210MHz, 1T, 2-3-2-5, so i expected it to be fine when i was using the 2/3 divider.

    Is this a problem with the memory controller?

    How can i solve the problem without lowering performance?

    I ultimately want the machine to run at 2.6GHz (289x9), memory running with a 2/3 divider at 2-3-2-5 1T.