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Random Famous People You Met

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GR63, 19 Sep 2021.

  1. Pawnless Endgame


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    At my primary school, mid-80s, Princess Diana opened a new building / section of the school. I was able to meet her, although only aged 8 at the time, I didn't really understand the significance. If I was say 13 or 14, I would have appreciated it more.

    My uncle is into events management, done big stuff like One Big Sunday and Homogamy. I have met Peter Andre and Darius through him. For Peter Andre, it was 2nd time round, 2004, as opposed to 1996.

    Then I have also met David Blunkett. It was the 1st year of Labour (so 1997) and Blunkett was releasing the education white papers at a nearby school. A bunch of us from different schools ran a music concert for him before his official white papers bit. He had a guide dog as well, so I stroked that :D

    Edit no.1: I was also on the Really Wild Show once back in 1990 with Terry Nutkins as presenter. I didn't actually meet him, but was pretty close to the front of the audience.

    Edit no.2: I have also met Steve Backley (javelin thrower). He came to my school in 1992 to teach my PE class for an hour. I wasn't allowed to do PE normally because of my low vision, but because Steve's lesson wasn't any form of contact sports, my support worker said that I could go to the lesson and meet him. He gave each of us a signed postcard-sized photo of him.
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  2. Dup


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    Location: East Lancs

    He stopped for a drink in my old local once or twice. Once while I was there, but didn't approach him to meet him properly. He was the MP for Blackburn so assume he preferred to drink out of town :D

    When I worked at my local Sainsburys Deli in my late teens I used to serve Vicky Entwistle (Janice Battersby) most weeks. She never got any attention and the bloke she was with seemed like a bit of a member.
  3. SexyGreyFox

    Man of Honour

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    Where would I start?
    Garth Crooks was my best mate but he wasn't famous at that young age.
    I used to play at the original Jollees quite a lot in support acts so met many famous artists both music & comedy.
    I was in Chuck Berry's backing band one evening but I didn't really meet him - he came on and went off.
    I did the PA for many bands in the early stages of their career such as Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Depeche Mode, Culture Club and loads more.
    I did a 7 day tour with TISWAS doing the PA and spent every evening with Chris Tarrant, Sally James, Lenny Henry, Bob Carolgees, Spit & Charlie plus the guy out of the Scaffold who played the piano, I never found out who the Fantom Flan Flinger was but I know now.
    I've talked to Robert Plant and Glen Hughes twice who have been to see my band at the time.
    Spent an evening in a pub with The Macc Lads who came to see my band.
    Spent time with Sir Stanley Matthews & Gordon Banks.
    This one you'll think I'm making up but I went to a Leeds match in the early 70s with a bloke who was a Leeds Scout and we popped into Billy Bremner's house for some dinner. His wife made us fish & chips, Billy had a couple of pints and fags and then went off on his own. Outside the ground he arranged for Jackie Charlton to take me into the changing room to get autographs.
    and so on ..................

    Now today I've been reading about John Caudwell and his horrendous accident - in 1978 I went to the South of France with him and his brother but he wasn't famous then.
    He was a Michelin Apprentice and about 5 years older but we hit it off because of once again, my music.
  4. builder22


    Joined: 14 Dec 2005

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    Steve Davis at Electric Fields festival after doing a DJ set

    Prince Philip at a few Carriage Driving events, walking the course in his wellies!
  5. Jean-F


    Joined: 14 Apr 2017

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    Location: London

    Had plenty of celebs in the back of the cab over the years, but I never initiated a conversation with anyone, be they a bricklayer or a BAFTA nominee.
    The only two that I remember talking to me were Dave Allen and Martin Clunes.
    I replied politely to them, but aside from “Where to?” and, “That’ll be £X”, that’s all that I ever said to any of them.
  6. Rroff

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 13 Oct 2006

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    Coming from Somerset - most of my childhood around the Yeovil area - I met Paddy a few times - it has been many years though so don't remember specifics - was mostly just saying hello. Also Ian Botham came into my school a bit - he was a former pupil there.

    Gary Lineker used to be a semi-regular visitor at my dad's work (I worked there for a year or two as well) - him and my dad used to get on pretty well. (Not me in the picture but that was my work area when I was there).


    Sat back to back with Katie Price in a Wetherspoons once for most of the night and had no idea it was her until I saw the pictures in the local paper (did wonder why a lot of people including the staff were coming over to talk to her but assumed it was a regular - not a place I spend much time in).

    Saw Prince Charles whisk past in a motorcade once and stood on a roof and watched the Queen and Prince Philip pass below - was surprised how little security they seemed to have - if I was up to no good no one would have been able to stop me.

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  7. koolpc


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    I once met the man on the moon
  8. DoneADougalOnSofa

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 3 Feb 2012

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    Location: Bath

    Had a few in my boozer over the years...

    Neil Morrissey
    Brian May
    Rory McGrath
    Arthur Smith
    Joe Wilkinson
    Kris Marshall
    Andrew Marr
    Martin Roberts
    Gary from Eastenders
    Bumped into Charlie Brooks on Milsom St
    Almost walked into Phil Jupitus, also on Milsom St

    I'll probably edit a few more in as I remember them!
  9. Diddums


    Joined: 24 Oct 2012

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    Location: London

    I've met all three TG hosts on separate occasions (Clarkson whilst in the middle of his "slope" thing which was rather amusing), Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson (they filmed a scene in Last Chance Harvey on the south bank, I was working at the BFI at the time), Katie Price, Daniel Craig (was filming Spectre outside my work), Idris Elba, Jonny Depp (taking the mick a bit with this one, literally shook hand and told him how much I loved him in Pirates, that was about it), and many, many more.
  10. HoneyBadger


    Joined: 2 Aug 2016

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    Location: Kent

    Sean Connery several times
    Several politicians
    Phillip Franks (Charlie from the Darling Buds of May)
    Christopher Lee
  11. LuckyBenski


    Joined: 28 Dec 2017

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    Location: London

    Quite a few random ones but my memory escapes me. I used to work in a guitar shop at the repair counter and had a customer bring his guitar over. I booked it in for a service, agreed some details, and asked for the customer's name. He said "Nick Lowe" and looked really quite annoyed :D

    I was also in the Live & Kicking audience aged 10 when Zoe Ball was hosting. She was lovely and it was probably the peak of my crush on her.
  12. Saint1972


    Joined: 18 Sep 2010

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    Stood watching someone playing an Arcade machine on Blackpool Pleasure Beach as a kid.After a few minutes i looked to see who it was,Paul Daniels.
  13. Cyclone


    Joined: 23 Sep 2007

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    Location: Essex

    I used to do multi-drop deliveries and I met Posh Spice and Gillian Taylforth twice.

    Also met Michael Barrymore in the 80's
  14. KiNgPiN83


    Joined: 16 Nov 2003

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    When i worked at Staples years ago he used to come in and buy his ink cartridges from us.

    Rik Waller also came in and bought an office chair from us. He also brought back said chair when he broke it... :o:D
  15. tlrBeta

    Wise Guy

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    Jeremy Irons in Heathrow T5.

    He was ahead of me going through security and I that "I recognise that person".

    I walked past him sitting down on a bench out of the way a little later on and said hi. Very friendly person :)
  16. Ayahuasca


    Joined: 23 Apr 2014

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    Is that a black cab thing then? Taxi drivers up this way nearly always initiate a conversation.
  17. subbytna


    Joined: 22 Oct 2008

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    Location: Belfast

    Eamon Holmes (National lottery Jet Set TV show I was on)
    Angela Hartnett & John Burton (again a tv show I was on - Kitchen Criminals)
    David Moyes (The then Preston Manager)
  18. Raymond Lin

    Capo Crimine

    Joined: 20 Oct 2002

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    Mr Bean/Rowan Atkinson (he was looking for direction)
  19. GR63


    Joined: 28 May 2021

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    oooh John Major.. he tried to secure my brothers vote by telling him a dirty joke. He was just an MP then
  20. Einskis Nokkur


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    oh dont start him off. the world revolves around jeanf and his black taxi :rolleyes: