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Rapper-actor DMX dies aged 50

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JohnG7, 9 Apr 2021.

  1. JohnG7

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  2. Jintsay


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    RIP indeed. Whut!
  3. Thekwango


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    yup, drugs overdose i believe. that led to cardiac arrest leaving him in a vegetative state.
  4. MouthBoy


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    Shame. I liked some of his music and I actually liked all the bigger films he was in. Rip.
  5. weringo


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    One of the great rappers from the era when I enjoyed hip hop (late 90s - early 00s), sad to see him go. RIP
  6. Maundie


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    Didn't like his music but enjoyed a couple of his films, 50 is no age but he's had health issues (through drug addiction I believe) for quite some time but didn't have something like 12 kids I'm sure they shortened his life a little as well.
  7. omnomnom


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    Honestly Deuse doesn't even hide it anymore.

  8. malccy

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    Was'nt the worst actor either.
  9. jsmoke


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  10. Nitefly

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    Always liked DMX. He had a pleasing... ‘underdog’ side to him.

    Terrible news! :(
  11. Bassmansam


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    Did he ride a BMX?
  12. Maccy


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    RIP, not my favourite genre of music but definitely a sad loss
  13. Pawnless Endgame


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    @JohnG7 - *thumbs up* that DMX got given his own thread, as his death will obviously be overshadowed by the Duke's death.

    I said on the other thread that it reminded me of when Michael Jackson died on 25.Jun.2009, and Farrah Fawcett also died that day. The media reporting was all over MJ with little consideration paid to Farrah. Even though I was a big fan of MJ, I felt that the reporting (or lack of) was unfair on Farrah.

    The same is happening now with DMX. Even with his frequent run-ins with the law, he contributed massively to the rap / hip hop scene, so in my mind, he deserves more reporting on himself.
  14. flexo786

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    R.I.P to a legend.
  15. arknor


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    DMX was crazy though a proper OG, there's youtube videos of him chilling in the hood and visiting mcdonalds etc
    fame and money never really changed him to his downfall, in and out of court all the time etc
    He had asthma so I'm surprised that's not one of the reasons he died.

    Damien parts I, II & III were his best works imo

    Clean version of part 1
  16. Psycho Sonny


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    Only artist who I bought every album for. I was in school at the time and they cost a fortune as they were imported from America.

    Nobody at my school had heard of him so I made copies for a good few mates of mine and they loved him.

    I loved Damien, Slippin and lots of others which I can't repeat on here. He was great in Never Die Alone. I bought all his movies on dvd and I gave them away when I gave my dvd collection away for free on gumtree.

    Was my favourite artist through my teens and unfortunately never got to see him live all three of his gigs in Glasgow he never turned up to any of them.

    He was a troubled man which likely gave muse to his talent. He grew up in the system. It's murda was a great track.

    He used to open for jay z and when jay z brought him back out to perform with him he would be like half the crowd has gone they came to see X.

    Gave birth to the ruff ryders. He inspired a generation. He changed the rap game when he came along.

    RIP Dark Man X
  17. LeMson


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    RIP ;( I bought timberland boots cos of him, awesome music too
  18. Resident


    Joined: 10 Mar 2012

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    I would say that the Duke of Edinburgh is more prevelant, being the husband of the nation's queen & known to most, if not all UK citizens whereas DMX had a select audience.
  19. cheesyboy


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    Never fear, DMX is trending on Twitter above Prince Philip in both the US and UK.
  20. neoboy


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    Shame but also interesting how same people are now reacting very differently on Twitter compared to mocking a death earlier today.