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Recent ordering experience (Xmas 2021)

Discussion in 'OcUK Reviews' started by Night, 10 Jan 2022.

  1. Night


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    It’s been a long time (12 years) since I last built a pc. Overclockers was where my previous computers parts were sourced from and felt like the logical choice this time around when comparing prices and stock.

    My order went in on Boxing Day night and the parts were in my hand a week and a bit later which was incredible considering it was Xmas, there was a weekend and 3 bank holidays in between and the looming spectre of covid!

    Additionally I had some back and forth with Ocuk staff based on some changes I wanted to make and the communication was swift, helpful and polite. Many thanks to OL (I don’t want to use names here in case it’s not allowed) for all his help.

    The parts all arrived well packed, a slight tear on the outer box of the first package but otherwise a solid delivery by Dpd.

    All in all a great experience beginning to end and wouldn’t fail to recommend Overclockers to anyone looking to pick up parts for a new build.