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Recommend a Baby Monitor please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kPATm, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Tunney


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    We’ve had really bad luck with monitors. First we had a BT one where the screen died after a year. Then we got a VTech VM343 and it stopped charging after six months. VTech’s customer support is dreadful too.
  2. jonessa


    Joined: Nov 16, 2014

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    Sound and movement are more than enough features.

    There are lots of gimmecky things out there for new parents - make sure you do your research and don't feel the need to just throw money at every hurdle :)

    I know couples who became obsessive when using the video features and actually changed to a simpler model.

    We've got a very basic BT sound-only monitor and it has been excellent.

    Good luck with it - ours is 7 months now!
  3. fewfe3


    Joined: Mar 27, 2011

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    We use a wireless IP camera that has night vision and two way audio. coupled with a tablet (can also sync it up to multiple devices)

    Works surprisingly well, it was only a cheap one that I picked up after our Motorola unit broke.
  4. [FnG]magnolia


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    Absolutely echoing this. Buy something that does the essentials very, very well and provides you comfort, not the all-singing-all-dancing version that does more things but less well.
  5. haz_pro

    Wise Guy

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    Suggest getting a simple, sound only, baby monitor.

    I've used the same basic BT model for all of my 4 children - similar to the BT Digital 400.
  6. wolfie138


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  7. elmarko


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    I got a pretty small one for around £50 off Amazon. Seems to work perfectly fine in the house, as we sleep with her in the bedroom we only really need it for when we put her down for the evening upstairs.

    Video is nice, as can tell if she's stirring or awake at a glance, sound we have low - two way audio we think is a waste of time.
  8. Maccapacca


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  9. rojones


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    I think I've seen the Motorola ones mentioned here a bit. I got the MBP41s about a year and a half ago. Cant say I've ever thought it was a bad decision. Nigh video is decent not sure what you expect. But would recommend, Not sure if they do a different model now though. like the MBP36s or something. I paid £75 at the time, but i think that was a very good sale deal.
  10. signs

    Wise Guy

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    congratulations to the both of you ..


  11. coolsurfer


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    You don't need a monitor. Congrats btw
  12. FlakGunna

    Perma Banned

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    Noooo! it'll malfunction lol.

    Congrats op!
  13. a1ex2001


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    i never get the whole you don't need sound unless you live in a mansion thing do people really like leaving there kids until they are screaming loud enough you can hear them downstairs over the TV?

    One other thing I love about video is being able to see what he's upto when he's on his own. We had sound only with the eldest and missed out on some super funny cute moments that we are getting with the second.
  14. bartledvd


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    Congratulations and welcome to the minimal sleep club, We had an angel care system monitoring breathing movement temperature and audio with my wife being completely deaf in one ear and over 50db in the other from a childhood illness she loved the visuals on the monitor could see that he was breathing or moving in couple of seconds instead of waking me up to check. The few times that alarm went off i have never been so terrified running to check thankfully he was fine but without that breathing/ movement monitor who knows what may or may not have happened.
  15. D.P.


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    We used a generic IP webcam which you can view on your phone, plus some cheap audio only baby phone.

    Don't both with the movement sensors, you get a load of false readings and if if you do get a true positive it just tells you your baby is dead
  16. Sin_Chase


    Joined: Jan 13, 2004

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    We use an Angel Care which has sound, sensor pad and room temp. Glad it doesn't have video.

    Daughter is in her own room and sleeps well. I don't need to watch her, only need to know when she needs attention which the audio satisfactorily achieves. Sensor pad gives enough peace of mind. We rarely get false alarms on the sensor pad. Read the instructions and install it properly!