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recommendation of tv wall mount

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Slinkie, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Slinkie

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    Hi all,

    I've just moved house and am looking to wall mount my TV. The TV is a 43" weighing 8.3kg.

    The mount needs to be able to extend from the wall and also pivot from side to side as it will be mounted in the corner of the room so will mostly be kept at a slight angle.

    When I've looked at mounts there are loads from £15 to £250. I can't believe the £15 mounts are any good but they have good reviews on amazon. The TV itself isn't massively expensive but I want the mount to be steady, to hold a good position and so not need constant adjustment due to it moving under it's own weight.

    There mount will be put on a supporting wall so will have a solid base.

    Any suggestions are very welcome to try and narrow down the massive selection of mounts!
  2. The Craig


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  3. charltonfan1

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    Another vote for Invision here
  4. EssexBoy


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    Cheetah mounts are good quality for the price too.
  5. Psycho Sonny


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    I have that one and it's bigger brother


    I use your one for a 43" and the above for a 55"

    As for OP - You can't believe cheap mounts are as good as £150 ones. Well my mate bought a £400-£600 mount and it's practically the same as the above one I use on my 55".

    You have to remember it's basically just metal with plastic covers. These aren't very complicated things. The most important thing is you use something decent to screw them into your wall. Decent doesn't mean expensive. Just that it can bear weight as on a cantilever bracket the further you pull it out the more weight is put on the screws.


    these are good but there are other options too


    i've been told these are very good and I would try them personally.