Recommendations for HDD Recovery

1 Mar 2003
Hi all

Not sure if allowed but does anybody know any reputable hard drive recovery specialists - that they have used or heared good things about

A friend in work plugged in the wrong power lead on her Seagate Baracuda (in a usb enclosure) Loads of photos from her year long holiday are on there

Anyway after the wrong lead was plugged in the drive was dead - found a youtube vid for removing the 12v diode which had blown - the drive is now spinning up and on her laptop she can see some recovery files for her toshiba laptop however on mine I cant get anything at all - the drive wont initialise and keeps comming and going from device manager

My guess would be a pro service would be best - ive tried linux cds and spinrite and they cant see the drive at all on MY LAPTOP - havent tried on hers yet though

Thanks for any advice