Removed large air vent from external chimney stack, advice on replacement please

18 May 2010

I've just removed an air vent from a chimney stack, this isn't the main chimney but a separate one that's made of brick to the rear of the house

The vent was removed because it completely blocked by dust and rubble preventing the air vent from working and causing condensation on the interior walls

The air vent is 250mm by 250mm so its left a sizeable hole in the chimney, the plan was to buy a 300x300 plastic vent, fit it over the hole so I can remove it and check it once a year. What I didnt expect is the depth of the original vent, its a brick in depth so now I'm concerned the wall might not be supported properly?

The original vent didn't fair too well being removed and I cant seem to find replacements, is it ok to cover the hole with a plastic vent or do I need to somehow support the bricks?

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