Removing gorilla glue from glasses

17 Oct 2002
Panting like a fiend
I havn't had any for a long time.
I've got a feeling they generally stopped doing them in the 80's or early 90's, plastic lenses are much easier to manufacturer, are lighter, cheaper and easier to stock.

IIRC plastic lenses are basically injection moulded to a preset value for the prescription (so the factory might have thousands of each value as a lens blank), then cut to fit the chosen frame and given a final polish, glass lenses had have a lot more processing between the initial blank and final fitting and were far more likely to fail at various points in the process.
I think there is also an element of they can affect the correct value by using different plastics so you can get a higher change in a thinner (thus lighter) lens.
16 Jun 2005
Probably for the best. I'm going for an eye test tomorrow, 2 years late. I always get new frames though when I get new lenses.
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