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Removing stubborn pedals

Discussion in 'Pedal Powered' started by drichardb, 13 Jun 2021.

  1. drichardb


    Joined: 9 Feb 2018

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    The pedals on my 10 year old Fuji Absolute 1.0 are worn out so I've bought a nice set of shimano pedals to replace them.

    Slight problem - I can't get the old ones off. They don't have an Allen type socket on the spindle to provide counter force when trying to twist the standard hex sided part of the screw with a spanner. I've used about feels like half a can of wd40 on both pedals and still they won't budge.

    Am I going to have to bite the bullet and replace the crankset? Open to any suggestions before I contact my local bike shop on Tuesday (closed Sun/Mon).
  2. Musty Pie


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    After having the same battle this weekend taking off some old clipeless pedals it does take some force for stubborn ones!

    Basically pull up with the spanner on the drive side crank, and down on the other, then reverse for non drive side:


    when putting on the new ones remember to grease well and not to over tighten: and you shouldn't have the same issue again in the future.
  3. simc1978


    Joined: 11 Jan 2010

    Posts: 240

    Did you wait after applying WD40, it can take some time to soak in
  4. simc1978


    Joined: 11 Jan 2010

    Posts: 240

    A bit late now and it's easy to say in hindsight but it's easier of you don't let them get to that state on put a bit of grease on them somewhat regularly.
  5. #Chri5#


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    How long is your pedal spanner? There's some that are well over 30cm for extra leverage. Some good tips on maximising mechanical advantage in the park video linked to above as well.