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Revenge Suggestions for someone I know - We now know what he did

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gtiracer, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. arknor


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    ops friend wanted to test if op had any balls.
    found out he doesn't.

    hooker is not impressed either did anyone find her thread on teh internet? she must have started one somewhere we need to hear her side of the story

    or we could ask on mums net for advise on the ops behalf but reverse genders
  2. logicfry


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    not a very christian thing to ask for revenge ideas to enact.. tut tut god will be displeased.

    however I'll feed the troll for a giggle.

    maybe sign up to some forums as him using his email (can't be that hard to work out his password) or something similar and then post some terrorist type stuff online and maybe even talk about buying tickets to turkey with a view to going to syria?

    that or just hit and run in a stolen van?

    err maybe a small nuclear device?

    dirty bomb?

    poison his water supply?

    lsd in his water supply?

    sign him up to as many spam call and email services as possible?

    if he drives then the olde poop in the airvents trick and let the gearbox oil out as there is no light for that?

    get copies of his reg plates and then go doing some speeding through as many cam's as you can find?

    drop a piano from a building as he walks under it?

    brake fluid all over his car or bike etc?

    landmine in his garden?

    bag over the head from behind, closed with a cable tie. rope round a leg and the other end tied to a car?

    mains power to something metal he is going to touch?

    liquid dog doings in large volume pumped into his house via any way possible. like air brick, open window, letter box etc?

    identity theft and run up some big debts, give money to charity?

    not many sensible ideas there but maybe some inspiration... for the nasty revenge driven, church going christian.
  3. Zbornak

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  4. Fuzz


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    Location: Cheltenham ;-)

    This would be something to act upon in about two years from now...

    Absolutely no way should you start getting into prank territory with him, it will only come back on you but worse.

    If it was me I'd have him bundled into a car at some time in the distant future (years), driven about a bit, bag over the head job and then pretend to "let him escape" in a wood miles from nowhere and not say a flipping word to him about why he'd been taken.. Just enough to scare the pooh out of him without having done anything too daft!

    That would be revenge enough in my mind and the best bit would be he'd not have a clue why.
  5. AHarvey


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    Firstly, get a cheap mobile PAYG and put some credit on, pay cash.

    Find out his bosses name and work phone number.

    find a local maccies, use the free wifi from the car park and create a fake facebook account with his details and photo.

    Then sign him up to phone app sites like Grindr and Tinder.

    You and your wife use the phone to chat to strangers (judging by my mates grindr screenshots it won't take long to get filthy chat started) and then hand out the bosses phone number to speak to them face to face ;)

    Other option, get the hooker back, get a nice photo of her, you and your wife all grinning and winking at the camera. Then use it to Moonpig him a thank you card!
  6. SickAsAParrot


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    Hammer sausages into his lawn..
  7. Mittens


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    sex with his mum's letterbox while in boxing stance etc etc
  8. Winky_The_Winking_Turtle

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    This thread :D Was a nice morning read I have to say, very intriguing, with many a plot twists and turns!
  9. porushinobu


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    send round a male hooker to his house when he's with his wife/ GF, it is after all fair play
  10. koolpc


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    Bit iffy if the guy is Gay!!
  11. acemastr


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    Go up to him.. tell him you know it was him.. then tell him you've got plans...

    Don't do anything, he'll be sheepish for weeks thinking something is coming his way, scared to answer the door, checking letterbox for the infamous poop etc
  12. NooBish AbbZ


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    forget pranks. Knock him out
  13. malfunkshun


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    Thanks, laughed loudly enough to awaken the wife.