RGB fans and connecting them?

4 Apr 2004
Hi people.

I'll be starting a new build in a Phanteks P500 case (non RGB) using a MSI tomahawk X570 motherboard. I plan on putting 3x120 or 3x140 mm RGB fans in the front as well as maybe a couple of LED strips.

Can anyone suggest some decent fans for me? Now this is where I'm a little confused. Will I need a fan controller to control the speeds and RGB effects of everything or do I just plug it all in the motherboard? I'm hoping to keep it as clean looking as possible so trying to avoid a thousand wires plugged in to the motherboard.

Budget wise, i'd hope to keep under £150 for everything.

11 Sep 2013
The UNI fans from Lian Li are pretty tidy, as they connect via the frames, rather than daisy-chaining cables for each individual fan everywhere. Performance is reasonable too.
I believe the multi-packs come with controllers, but the software does allow you to control fan speed through teh motherboard as well, if you like.
I expect the RGB will be driven by the controllers, as I don't believe they are MSI compatible... but then MSI seems to be the absolute worst of all the RGB software anyway, so you're probably safer not using that!
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