Rgb headers on a Asus Crosshair viii impact

7 Oct 2015
I have a ASUS Crosshair viii impact motherboard and its my first board to have argb and rgb headers on it.

The motherboard manual states the headers can be used with led strips but mentions nothing about any other type of rgb component with a max power of 3 amps (5v), and maximum 120led.

am I right in thinking as long as I don’t reach the limit of 120led, I can daisy chain rgb fans to a single 5v argb header. e.g. 6x EK X3M 5v drgb fans with a 6 way splitter for the motherboard to both power them and control the lighting... or are the headers reserved specifically for led strip.

I was hoping to use an EK 6 way argb splitter to the mobo header while pwm control will be handled by an Aquacomputer Octo

If the latter, would I need to purchase a specific argb controller.. such as the Lamptron SP101, connect the argb headers then use a single connection from the controller to the onboard header?
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