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Rolling out Apple Mac Images

Discussion in 'Apple Software' started by Nick307, 27 Jun 2011.

  1. Nick307


    Joined: 28 Sep 2007

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    Hi All

    In a bit of a situation here!

    I work in a college and have now got a number of apple macs ranging from G4s up to intel Core I3 iMacs.

    To date i have been imaging the macs with an external hard disk one at a time, as time has gone on and we now have a large number of macs this is not the best use of time anymore and takes forever!

    What im looking for is some software to image the macs over the network (multicast would be ideal but not essential)

    Just to point out we do not have any Apple servers here nor are we likely to have the money in our budget to get any anytime soon.

    Is there any software out there that will let me image from FTP or a network share? free would also be ideal lol!!

    Many thanks

  2. mike1210


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    ah just read you don't have mac servers sorry

    I while back we were having network problems so I installed the Server OS onto a Firewire hard drive. Essentially you can then turn a desktop into a server, for DS to work correctly DNS has to be correct so the IP address would ideally have to stay the same and you need a copy of the server OS, just thought I'd mention it.....bit of a bodge doing it that way though
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  3. Nick307


    Joined: 28 Sep 2007

    Posts: 183

    Cheers for the info! im suprised there are no other programs like Acronis or Norton Ghost that work with apple hardware / software.

    I have heard the a program called NetRestore is good from Bombich but when i try to download it from the site the link is never live
  4. Lowe


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Newcastle Under Lyme

    You can create disc images and deploy them with OSX Server. If you can't afford the Server software (and as said it'll run off a drive on any Mac), the cheeky way to do it, is to sign up to the Apple Developer programme. It costs a nominal fee, but lets you download versions of the software that are time limited to 30 days... So, download the server OS, install, deploy, uninstall. :)

    That was actually the solution given to me on an Apple training course as well. :D
  5. Skyboat


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    Or wait until Lion is released and use that, as the server edition is now built-in.
  6. VaderDSL


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    I thought it had changed to be a stand alone app from the App Store, £30 I think it is.

  7. Ice On Fire


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    Not quite - you have to download a separate server app for that.
  8. QwaF


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  9. waso_dude


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    Ignore, read the original question wrong.