Poll: Roof rack debate.

What would you suggest?

  • You should share the cost 50/50

    Votes: 49 60.5%
  • Its' your car, you should pay for it

    Votes: 12 14.8%
  • He should pay for it

    Votes: 20 24.7%

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29 Sep 2006
West Yorks
Story goes-

I like to go fishing and so does the brother in law, weather permitting we went most weekends.

He doesn't drive so I usually pick him up and drop him back off home, I never ask for a contribution towards fuel and he has never offered. It's a 25 mile round trip, plus going various venues can mean a 100 mile trip or so, mostly 50-60 miles.

I used to drive a ford focus which offered enough room for two lots of fishing equipment, it got written off and with not fishing at the time I didn't think I needed a big car or could I afford one, I then purchased a MK6 Fiesta After taking fishing back up I managed to get both lots of gear in but it wasn't very safe as I couldn't see out of the side or rear windows or clearly see through my mirrors.

I suggested it would be best to get a roof rack for the holdalls, I found one on the internet for a decent price and what I suggested is he puts half towards it.

I asked him to pay half as if I went by myself I could put the passenger seat down and get my equipment in with no issues.

He agreed , so I ordered the roof rack but when it arrived it was the wrong one. I contacted the supplier, they said the correct one was more expensive, worked out at £35.00 each, so £70.00 in total but then he pulled out.

I have since this taken him, but again it's dangerous when I'm balancing holdalls above my head and not being able to see out of the windows / mirrors clearly.

So with the weather being colder now, we haven't been since.

Fast forward 2 months to now and I get home from work, my partner say her brother has rang and wants to know if you want to go fishing.

I said no, it's too dangerous, I asked if he would go halves to a roof rack and he refused, said he couldn't afford it, even though currently they are managing to save £600+ a month towards a car.

My partner, his sister said "why should he have to pay half, it's your car", "you should buy it".

I say wait, if I don't take him, I don't need it.

So as the above poll, lets have your opinions.

TLDR - brother in law wont pay halves to a roof rack to take him fishing, it's unsafe to drive in a small Fiesta with out it and I don't need it if I go on my own, so it's only needed for him.
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12 Apr 2007
Start charging him a few quid for petrol then, you won't be any less off and it will pay for your roof mods over time. Everyone's a winner.
29 Sep 2006
West Yorks
Sure fishing.

I bet your rod still has the price tag on from last time you went.

Not sure what you're getting at.

I mainly pleasure fish, mostly carp, tench and bream on the pole.

We have been to about 30 different venues in the last few years, not as many since the Fiesta.

Off topic - I always read your name as Ed gay, not a dig.
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