Ryzen overclocking - Reading material

27 Mar 2004
Between Realities
Do we have any decent information collected, either on the forums or elsewhere for overclocking on Ryzen?

I'm not looking to take the plunge for a few months yet, and I think it would be a good time to get to grips with the process.

I've overclocked plenty, older AMD so the northbridge style isn't new to me(Barton,939) and I've been overclocking newer Intel.

Infinity fabric as a whole is new to me however and I'd like to try and read up on methods, preferences, quirks .

I've heard some interesting things for instance about not running 1:1 intentionally, with higher memory speeds than 3600 and doing some intensive optimization in order to get better performance.

But I'd like to get a bit of in depth research done while I wait on the 3900x dropping -

I am googling! I am searching the forums, but if you guys have any specific reads, I'd appreciate it.

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