samsung 355v5c-s01uk vs Dell inspiron 17R SE (vs Clevo)

13 Sep 2010
as per title really, decided to get myself a laptop, mostly to save me lugging my gaming rig about so often.

main use will be guild wars 2, but I'm not fussed about graphics settings too much, so long as it is a playable framerate.

samsung is £499 (competitor), and the dell is £629 (direct), my main concern being whether the A10-4600m processor (+7670m) in the samsung would be up to the job, or if the upgrade to the i5 3210 (2.5GHz) + 650m in the dell would be required (at £629, but might be able to haggle a few quid off this).

only other real difference is the screen, 15.6", 1366x768 on the samsung vs 17.3" 1600x900

third option is a mid range Clevo (competitor again, sorry!), the one with either 650m or 660m, and probably either the i5 as per the dell, or maybe i7 QM, just not sure on the build quality of the clevos, especially the mid range.

I would very much appreciate some input, especially from anyone who plays GW2 on similar hardware
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