Samsung C27JG50 Any ideas what this is?



2 Aug 2005
Milton Keynes
Seems you can pre-order this at a very decent price on Rain forest, but I'm not sure what the exact model is. Can only see it on the Samsung BE website -

Comparing to the CHG70 looks like it's not as bright, but other details are missing on the website. Also the stand is different.

Looks like the URL on the BE website uses the model CJG50, which can be found on


Searching for Samsung CJG5 gives more insight. Looks like it's a new monitor, not released yet.

27" 1440p 144hz VA for £300? Seems good.
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19 May 2012
Samsung didn't get the HG70 quite right in my opinion as it has issues such as poor overdrive while using Freesync at frames lower than 60-70. Uniformity issues, that daft stand. but if you can live with it's flaws than it is a really good display with deep punchy colours ,great black depth and contrast.

This new one looks like a stripped down version at a lower price so hopefully less issues but at the cost of losing a wide colour gamut, quantum dot I think, HDR and Freesync.

I don't mind losing the HDR function but the quantum dot is a loss imo. Freesync should be a feature as well at this point.

I do own both a 24CFG73 and 27HG70 so I will wait for reviews to make an opinion on it. Not silly Youtube reviews though with more flash than information and the comment section full of how great the editing was.:D
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