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Samsung trade in a mess

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by jazzy68, 15 Oct 2021.

  1. jazzy68


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  2. pinkpound

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    What **** up also happening to people who have paid in full .

    You need to escalate past normal CS as they just read of a script .
  3. Tachyon

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    Reading through the first link, it's definitely a mess for a lot of folks. I just sent my old handset back yesterday as part of a trade in although it isn't due until next month. Hope I'm not affected and that everyone gets sorted asap.
  4. ZG002


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    Well that's not great, I'm sitting here on my s10 with the battery draining pretty quick these days, thinking.

    "Maybe I will just upgrade to the s21"

    I turn to my favourite forum to start checking for any deals or issues and this is the first thing I read lol.

    I can attest to Samsung CS being usless! I recently bought a TV direct from them that was showing in stock and then wasn't in stock and took weeks to arrive but it had a cash back deal that had a deadline etc etc, was a right mess!

    This doesn't fill me with hope, might go look at what apple are upto these days. (It's like a choice of two evils at the moment)
  5. KraniX


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    I've had a nightmare with trade in, it's handled by MTR so Samsung just wash their hands of the issue and say go speak to them.

    That would be fine besides the fact there is no phone number (or at least one that gets answered), the furthest I got was reaching some random persons mailbox in HR but was full so couldn't leave a message anyway!

    I sent my phone on Friday 8th October, they confirmed receipt on Monday 11th, I then got notified on Wednesday my phone was going to be locked, reached out and they did pick up the email and asked for my Samsung order number, provided this but no further updates.

    Phone got locked Thursday 14th (despite them having the phone), sent multiple messages to MTR and Samsung, and live chat with Samsung, Samsung just kept telling me to contact MTR but couldn't quite understand the issue and they had my bloody phone.

    My phone was unlocked this morning thankfully so have backed up some stuff and moved my Google Authenticator to my tablet.

    Customer service was as absolute joke.

    Thankfully my Flip 3 was within the 28 day return period so have told Samsung they can shove it and I want a refund. Being collected on Monday.

    I now have the wonderful task of trying to get my Note 9 back from the clowns at MTR.
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  6. SideWinder


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    @Tachyon - was it sorted ok for your trade in? Just made a thread about Samsung trade in and thinking hmm maybe just leave it. :o
  7. Tachyon

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    Ended up being all good for me. The only thing was they sent me a few messages and emails telling me that I needed to have my "trade in phone" sent to them promptly even though I had a week or two until the deadline date for it to get to them. I just sent them a cheeky reply telling them that my old phone would reach then considerably quicker than the time it took them to send out my new phone. Other than that it went grand with no threats of the new phone getting locked or anything.
  8. Matty8787


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    I had trouble for months, threatened them with trading standards etc and emailed daily explaining my displeasure, eventually wound up in my favour.
  9. SideWinder


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    @Tachyon - Ok thanks, seems like a small hiccup...but then @Matty8787 swooped in with his news, eek..may avoid!