SAN recommendations - Backups?

5 Jan 2004
At the place I work we currently hold most files locally on our servers we are gradually virtualising things which I am pushing through myself.

Everything is Linux based running on ESXI 5.0 and a variety of HP DL120 / 360 / 380 servers.

I intend to purchase ESXI 5.1 and want to make use of VMotion and wish to get things moved to an ISCSI SAN with dedicated switches and probably Openfiler or similar. FC will likely be too expensive.

Simply put I am looking for some input on what SAN hardware to look at.

Something like :-

Looks interesting, but are there any reasonably priced high throughput hardware I should be looking at?

In addition to this we currently back up individual VMs and then also the data on the VMs. Id like to continue with this but also look at alternatives as far as a redundant clone of the above SAN, what options would you recommend for implementing cloning one SAN to another?

Any guidance or opinions are appreciated!
7 Jun 2011
If you want some techincal advice mate on SAN h/w in VM me your email address, i've got a techinical resource at the company I work for that can give you a hand.

Knows all about Dell EqualLogic, Qnap, SATAbeast etc.
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