Satellite decoder retuning

3 Aug 2003
Plymouth, UK
Hi all.

Need a littel bit of assistance, but heres the background.

Am currently on one of Her Majesties finest grey cruise liners, heading out to where its rather sunny all the time and there is a lot of sand. We are fitted with 3 x Pace Sky Digital decoders (taken out of normal box and put in bomb proof container because that is what happens with everything commercial being fitted on here). Obvoiusly we are going to be unable top receive Sky where we are going as we are outside the footprint for the Astra 2B cluster (would be nice if they could move it, but think that may annoy everyone else in the UK).

What I would like to know, is it possible for us to track, lock and decode another satellite while we are away so as to give us something to watch during our 'off' time?

If so, can anyone give me the destructions on how to do this. Would make for a few happy bunnies this end.

Many thanks in advance

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