Save Borough Market @ London Bridge

6 Nov 2005
Anyone who knows London knows Borough Market as one of the best, and it holds a lot of history.

The Government is allowing Network Rail to build an additional viaduct through the market area, which would destroy the market, its surrounding businesses and pubs. The Market Porter pub serves up some of the best real ales in London, and is regurlarly featured in Time Out and the Evening Standard, and the market is a great place to visit on weekends for fine foods and wine from around the world.

My best mate's dad owns Bedale's Wine at the market (his shop was used as the greek restaurant in Bridget Jones's Diary, Hugh Grant got thrown out of his front window) and his business would also be destroyed... one he has painstakingly built up over the last 8 or 9 years.

The area has also been used for filming locations for Lock Stock and Harry Potter as it is a preserved "slice" of old(e) London.

It really would be a tragedy for London if the market closed, so lets all sign the petition!

Hopefully someone will take notice of the numbers, it already has 39,500 signatures - more would be appreciated.



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3 Mar 2003
London ;()!
Much as I love going down the market for an Ostrich burger or to see the '3 sausages in a roll' guy, it couldn't half do with a spruce. Hopefully the crossrail project would provide some funds to rejig it a bit.

I did notice it in Fergie's 'London Bridge' video though :eek:
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