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Scottish Independance Referendum 2

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Kyo, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Panos


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    a) Have a look at the UK debt counter my friend.

    b) The Gers numbers for Scotland are an extrapolation from UK data including expenditure for Defense (including Trident & funded conflicts), Foreign Aid and old UK paid debt.
    So stop picking articles from the Telegraph, who completely forget to name those things.

    d) 90% of the numbers in GERS have no probative audit trail. And no auditor could certify this report. EVER.
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  2. Lord-Jaffa


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    And that debt counter continues to rise because Scotland spends more per capita than the rest of the UK (while complaining endlessly) and runs a large deficit compared to England, the deficit/surplus is more important than the debt itself in the long term.
  3. Panos


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    You mad or something? 90% of the numbers in GERS do not hold water, and are pulled out of thin air. There is no data trail nor auditing.

    Have a read here for the whole thing

    So how you accept GERS are "the bible" when you ignore the fact that the numbers are pulled of thin hair, in addition that it does include UK expenditure contributed to Scotland?

    As said in GERS includes nukes, funded wars (Syria), Foreign Aid, public projects made in SE around London.
    How you can say Scotland spends money for nuclear & the roadwork in South East outside London?

    Also if you read the Welsh GERS, someone would thing that Wales & Scotland are responsible for over 100% of the UK deficit. Both those countries have less than 14% of the population.
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  4. StriderX


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    I'm just glad that England is forced to waste money that they could otherwise spend in the regions, ~£900m a week wasted, i'm sure it's worth it though ;).
  5. Bluntwrapped


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    I'll leave this here

    GERS was first published in 1992 by the Scottish Office under the Conservative Party government of Prime Minister John Major, at a time when the government was resisting calls for Scottish devolution. Its overall purpose was to estimate the overall UK borrowing requirement for Scotland - it was created at this time because Scottish Office ministers thought due to then-low oil prices, the report would show Scotland gained far more from the UK Treasury than it received.[4] In a leaked memo the then Secretary of State for ScotlandIan Lang wrote "I judge that [GERS] is just what is needed at present in our campaign to maintain the initiative and undermine the other parties. This initiative could score against all of them.”

    Reading and hoovering up the right-wing guff in the English media such as the ‘Torygraph’ is bad for your health, man.

    If any of what you think is true there would’ve been a push for English independence without the need to undermine the Scottish government.

    Think about it.
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