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Scottish Nationalists set for a majority

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by ThePirateHulk, May 6, 2011.

  1. Amp34


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    So basically what you are saying is... Figures can be massaged to "prove" a point, massaged both ways... ;)

    And that a media organisation that doesn't show what you want to hear is bias in some way. I'm not saying you are the only one that does that, in fact most people, especially ones that talk about "MSM", are. Just because it doesn't agree with your interpretation doesn't mean it is bias.

    Either way, as the BBC and yourself said, the SNP got 32% of the votes in the local elections, that means that more than two thirds, 68%, of those that voted, voted for another party. SNP votes were however 4% higher than the last local election, which in reality is the important figure, rather than seats. (Although less people physically voted for them)

    2007 Local election results

    Labour 590,085 28.1
    SNP 585,885 27.9
    Conservative 327,591 15.6
    Liberal Democrats 266,693 12.7
    Independent 228,894 10.9
    Other 102,897 4.9
  2. spudbynight


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  3. Raumarik


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    I'll be voting no, but I must admit I am worried about the overly confident Conlib coalition who clearly don't realise how easily this could be turned. As much as I dislike Alex Salmond and don't want him to have the Salmond Legacy which he's so clearly after, he does have a talent for PR and can be very charismatic when the mood takes him.

    Sadly I can see it decending into anti-Scottish and anti-English slurs before long, just as it always does on the OCUK forums. Sadly this one could be decided by the idiots voting to spite people rather than looking objectively at the future of the UK and Scotland.
  4. wildman


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    would the collapse of labour in scotland also make UK politics different as I am sure seats in scotland are what usually give Labour the edgeback in westminster. Surely if they lose a large number of them to SNP then the nxt gneral election will be very interesting again as it woul dbe unlikely any mainstream party would be able to field a significant majority to enable them to take power outright ?
  5. V F


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    Heh, and a lot of people aren't spiteful even when it's not politics. Though saying that what isn't politics nowadays.