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Secondhand £300 laptop for light video editing / OR is my current laptop sufficient?

Discussion in 'Laptops & Tablets' started by rossyl, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. rossyl


    Joined: Oct 27, 2002

    Posts: 4,259

    Location: London

    Hi All,

    I have currently got this:
    - Dell E6420
    - Intel Core i7 2640m 2.7GHz Processor
    - 4GB DDR3 Memory
    - 250GB Hard Drive

    I'm not sure if it just needs a fresh install of everything, or if it is simply not up to the task?

    I was trying to edit GoPro footage and it was just really laggy. Is hardware up to the task, and the 4yr old Windows install and all the other rubbish on there ruining performance?

    Or, do I need a new(er) laptop for editing GoPro footage?

    If a new laptop, my budget is £300, but I wouldn't mind spending less.
    Happy with secondhand
    Just needs to be able to edit GoPro footage with minimal lag.

  2. rossyl


    Joined: Oct 27, 2002

    Posts: 4,259

    Location: London

    Any thoughts anyone?
  3. ExoMale


    Joined: Jan 9, 2016

    Posts: 3,300

    Location: Gloucestershire

    its an old laptop, but what software are you using to edit with?

    maybe try upgrading the ram as it supports 8gb max and getting an ssd or least just the ram if you got enough storage left and just see if that does anything? would cost you like up to £50 if you did both mainly due to the cost of ssd.

    otherwise you will have better luck on the used market if you want to stay with an i7, even ones of similar age, but with dedicated nvidia graphics will be more beneficial
  4. EsaT


    Joined: Jun 6, 2008

    Posts: 5,346

    Location: Finland

    4GB of memory is certainly little for video editing even in Windows 7.
    And double so if it has Wintoys 10... with its automatic "updating" to broken drivers/patches.
    With some lighter Linux there would be lot better amount of memory left free for software to use.

    In CPU power that Sandy Bridge should certainly be quite close usual U-serie dual cores in many second hand laptops.
    So for meaningfull upgrade in that you should look for getting quad core, or then lot lot newer serie CPU.
  5. Steveocee


    Joined: Nov 5, 2011

    Posts: 4,329

    Location: Derbyshire

    8GB of RAM and an SSD would be a starting point. If it's anything more than shoving a few short videos together then I'd say build a "real" computer if it's something you plan on doing for more than hobbyist work.