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Sennheiser GSP 500 or HD 599

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by ryssfemma, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. ryssfemma


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    Excuse me for the bad language.

    I'm trying to figure out what headphones i should get, i'm off the wireless train and trying to find some decent headphones that i will use for a long time. I've been looking into the GSP 500 from sennheiser, the follow up of the G4ME One, and Sennheisers HD 599. From what i've red, sennheiser uses the same drivers on the HD 598 as the G4ME One's.

    According to Sennheiser, GSP 500 is an upgrade from a G4ME one, in other words, GSP 500 should be equal to sennheisers newer HD 599?

    Could someone give me some advice on what i should pick? GSP 500 or HD 599 with a boommic?

    I do have the Sennheiser GSX 1000 AMP.
    I'm not going for microphone quality, just a good soundstage. Do you think i get better performing sound with HD 599?
  2. Hedge


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    What do you currently use?

    I use a gsx1000 and hd599s. They are comfortable and sound good.

    Im not sure they are any better than earlier models though. Hd569s hd579s etc

    Get em cheaper at sennheiser outlet..
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  3. EsaT


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    ~115£ AKG K702 would be about as good as you can get for gaming.
    AKG has simply biggest binaural soundstage with distance separation following that.

    Of course if you want some more bass fun/presence then neutral bass headphones aren't best.
    (though of course more bass makes details less easy to distinguish)
  4. Marsman


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    K702 are not a good choice to use with the GSX1000. Selling the GSX and getting a SoundblasterX AE5 is an option, if there is room for an internal card; then get a pair of K702.

    If the OP would prefer to keep the GSX, then either HD599 or GSP500 will be a good choice for use with the GSX.

    No real comparisons between the two that I can see, but Hedge might have a point that the HD599 may not be that much better than the HD579, which can be had for £80 cheaper than the GSP500; in the UK at least.
  5. TwsT

    OcUK Staff

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    Just got my hands on the GSP 600's I'll be posting a review in a few days when i've indulged but first impressions are good.

    Much better at music than the Pc350's or G4ME Zero's/ones were, same great microphone performance. 600's offer fantastic isolation. Clamping is quite hard and they are a bit heavy but the build quality is vastly improved over the G4ME series. Earpads are really nice. Much more deserving of their price tag than the G4ME series were.